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Resetting Days On Market For Your MLS Listing



  • Jonathan Minerick

    The MLS incorporates Cumulative Days on Market (CDOM) so there is a clear picture as to when the property was originally listed. The idea of cancelling and relisting is not to misrepresent the days on market, CDOM prevents that.

    Cancelling and relisting a property can be useful in getting the listing to appear "fresh" on websites, so as to attract more views. This is most useful when done along with a price cut.

  • Trayp Biz

    A property was listed just 60 days ago but now it says it was listed 3 days ago.. so regarding your statement that it might be a good idea to cancel the listing and relist it, this doesn't seem ethical to me?
    Since the listing date is important to buyers to know how long the property has been on the market, I don't understand why it would be okay for a Listing agent to just change the listing date by relisting it?


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