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Contracts and Disclosures



  • Seymour Koblin

    When buying from one of your sellers: Who provides the legal contract  for deposit, balance due, recording and all legal procedures that are usually done at an Escrow company? AND who pays for it buyer? or seller?  both? and how much does it cost for all legal sale procedures?

  • Jonathan Minerick

    If you are a buyer without an agent, you can use one of the options noted in the article to generate the contract. Most contracts in use will have fields where you can state the deposit, etc.

    The state Realtor contracts are recommended as they often have been the most refined - these are the ones you'd use under the "Paid Options".

    You would still typically use an escrow company, regardless of whether the buyer has an agent or not.

    It is up to the buyer and seller to decide who will pay. The total cost of the entire sale depends on the fees charged by the escrow and title companies (often determined by the home value). You can find many "Net Sheet" calculators on the internet which will help you in understanding the total costs involved. Local escrow companies will also provide you a "Net Sheet".


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